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It is human nature to establish relationships between people, things, and ideas; to give significance to symbols and gestures. We do this to create our reality and our sense of self. My work draws focus on the figures and their emotional states that are set in the guise of detachment, restrain, and silence. Our base emotions, the desire to be loved and understood, understand existence and find meaning in a seemingly infinite void, are all parts of the collective unconscious. I explore the context that influences my psyche and persona, and how it is part of the common human experience. I create environments in my work that are pieced together from dreams and altered realities. I rely on the viewer to make associations based on their experiences to understand the character’s motivations and intention and to contemplate the origins of their own emotions and behaviors. My works are representations of hopes, fears, and failures in a quest to find and define oneself, one's place in the world and in time. 






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